NXTWallet Download & Setup

Video Tutorial

  1. Go to the appstore or playstore

  2. Search for "NXTWallet"

  3. Click "Install"

  4. Click "Get Started" Note: Some devices this may take up to 17 seconds for the button to render as the application is actively connecting to NXTChain.

  5. Click "I Agree"

  6. Create a password. NOTE: Don't forget to click the box above the "Create Password" button

  7. Click "Start"

  8. Click "Start"

  9. Click "View"

  10. Write down the 12 word secret phrase (in order) on a sheet of paper and store it in a SAFE place. Return back to step 7 for further methods to store you rsecret phrase. NOTE: IF YOU LOSE THIS SECRET PHRASE YOUR WALLET WILL BE LOST. IT IS YOUR RESPONSABILITY TO KEEP THIS SAFE. YOUR WALLET, YOUR KEYS!

  11. Click the order of your secret recovery phrase

  12. Click "Complete Backup"

  13. Proceed to next step

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