NXTreme Set-Up

In this article, we will walk you though a step-by-step process on how to connect your NXTreme node to your NXTWallet, and to NXTChain.

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Connect NXTreme To The Internet

  1. There are three ways your NXTreme can connect to the internet. The three ways are as follows and in order starting with the easiest. - Ethernet Cable (Skip to step 2) - WPS button on Modem or Router (Skip to step 8) - Wifi connection (will require monitor, mouse, and keyboard (Skip to step 16)

  2. Unbox your NXTreme

  3. Plug in power cable to the NXTreme

  4. Plug in Ethernet cable to the "LAN" port located at the back of the NXTreme (comes in the NXTreme box)

  5. Check that your set-up looks similar to the one in the picture below and then proceed to the next step

  6. Click the power button on the front of the NXTreme and it should glow blue

  7. If your NXTreme ends its beeping with a beep like the file below, proceed to step 30

If your NXTreme beeps like the sound below proceed to the next step

  1. Now we will try and connect your NXTreme to the internet via the WPS

  2. If your NXTreme is powered ON, please turn it off by holding the power button for 5-10 seconds.

  3. Locate WPS button on your modem or router (should look similar to the buttons in the picture below) Note: Not all modems or routers provide WPS functionality

  1. Plug in your NXTreme (only power cable in necessary)

  2. Click WPS button on your modem or router Note: For more information regarding WPS set-up please visit HERE

  3. Quickly turn on your NXTreme

  4. If your NXTreme makes a sound similar to the "Connected_internet.m4a" in section 7, proceed to step 30

  5. If your NXTreme is looping a sound similar to the "Unconnected_internet.m4a" in section 7, proceed to the next step.

  6. Now we will manually connect your NXTreme to the internet

  7. Power off your NXTreme and plug the power cable back in to your NXTreme

  8. Plug in your keyboard into one of the USB slots (located at the back of the NXTreme)

  9. Plug in your mouse into one of the USB slots (located at the back of the NXTreme)

  10. Plug in the HDMI chord into the HDMI1 slot (located at the back of the NXTreme) Note: Don't forget to plug the HDMI into your monitor and power it on

  11. If your set-up looks similar to the picture below, proceed to the next step

  12. Power on the NXTreme

  13. The NXTreme should be beeping just like the sound in "Unconnected_internet.m4a" in section 7

  14. Click the Wi-Fi icon in the top right (1, red arrow in the picture below)

  15. Click "Wi-Fi Connecting" (2, blue arrow in the picture below)

  16. Click "Select Network" (3, green arrow in the picture below)

  17. Select your Wi-Fi network and click "Connect"

  18. Enter your Wi-Fi password and click "Connect"

  19. When your NXTreme stops beeping you can proceed to the next step Note: You can now unplug the monitor, keyboard, and mouse from the NXTreme. It now only needs the power cable plugged in.

  20. If your NXTreme is still beeping, a common mistake is that you have typed in your password incorrectly. Please go back to the picture below step 26 and instead of clicking "Select Network", click "Wi-Fi Settings".

  21. Click on your home network (the one you just tried connecting to)

  22. Click Forget Network

  23. Now skip back to step 24

Connect NXTreme To NXTWallet

NOTE!! Keep the NXTreme on (and connected to the internet) for at least 3 hours before proceeding to step 34

  1. In order to complete this step, make sure you have already setup your NXTWallet. If you have not, visit our NXTWallet Download & Setup article or click HERE.

  2. Connect your mobile phone to the same wifi or internet network that your NXTreme is on

  3. Open NXTWallet on you mobile device

  4. Click "SYNC NXTREME" (circled in red)

  5. Click on the nxtreme-FP50 like the picture below. If the nxtreme-FP50 is not showing up in your app please make sure you are: - Connected to the same internet network as the NXTreme - Make sure your internet connection is good - Wait a few minutes for it to show up - Try restarting the app

  6. Your NXTreme should now be linked to NXTWallet and is pending connection to NXTChain.

Congratulations and welcome to the NXT Family! Don't forget to join our socials to join our NXT level community and to stay up to date on what is going on in NXT world. Telegram: https://t.me/NXTtechnologies Twitter: https://twitter.com/NXTANNOUNCEMENT Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nxtannouncement/ Discord: https://discord.gg/MDfvNtxyVw Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/NXTANNOUNCEMENT/

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